How House Leveling Works


House leveling Austin is a process for stabilizing a foundation of a house where the soil underneath the foundation has been compromised by water erosion, seismic events, or the expansion or contraction due to moisture content.


If a homeowner sees cracks in the foundation or walls in the home, the cupboards, windows and doors are suddenly difficult to close, it might be time to call in a construction contractor to see if there is a problem.


In many cases it will be found that there is some sort of problem with the foundation moving or sinking and action should be taken to correct things right away.


The remedy is to excavate down under the area where the sinking or movement is occurring, and shore up the foundation with piers based upon bedrock or a steel or poured concreted base.


The foundation can then be jacked up and leveled so the house gets back to its original position. There may be needed several of these piers to secure the foundation from failure, as well as the rest of the house. Obviously if the foundation falls too far, the the rest of the house will also crumble, crack and break apart.

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